How We Met


A mutual friend and fraternity brother, LeVar Ridgeway, would throw monthly mixers at Saki Tumi in downtown Milwaukee. In March 2013, LeVar tagged me and a bunch of my friends on a Facebook post celebrating March birthdays at an upcoming party. I knew most of the people on the post but I didn’t know Diante Flenorl so I was curious about who “Diante Flenorl” was lol. I looked at his Facebook page and thought he was handsome but I didn’t friend him. The Saturday of the party, my cousin and matron of honor, Nicole, was also celebrating her birthday, so I went to her party and later that night I met some friends at Saki Tumi to hang out. I happened to see Diante at the party from afar and was like, “He is handsome and tall.” We never interacted but God knew something better.

The next day, Diante actually friended me so I slid in his instant messenger and said thanks for adding me as a friend – not thinking anything major – just another FB friend. Minutes later, Diante and I began messaging a lot and we had so much in common – our faith in God, where our Dads are from - Mississippi, we both attended Rufus King High School, our love for Milwaukee and more. I was like WOW I never felt a connection so quick with a person and Diante asked for my number and we talked on the phone for hours that whole week like high school kids. I wanted to meet him because I will admit I felt something real and electric about him. The following week, we went on our first date and the rest is our love story history!

The Proposal

Crystal & Diante’s Proposal Video

My 35th birthday was coming up in December 2017. My college best friends: Wokie Daboh, William Collins and Tola Oyewole, who are also in our wedding party, wanted to come see our new place and celebrate my birthday. Diante knows for any major event I go all out – I got my hair done, nails done, bought a new outfit and got my makeup done by my Soror and makeup artist, Shalisa Elizabeth. I was GOING all out for my #Fine35 – and was looking forward to my celebrating all weekend with my college besties. My college friends live in different cities so everyone arrived Friday, December 15th to celebrate my birthday. Little did I know, and to their immediate amazement, Diante secretly informed them he was proposing to me on Saturday night at dinner. They were in SHOCK and so excited – but they didn’t drop any hints at all that a proposal was going to happen.

The next day was my actual birthday, December 16th, and when we woke up, Diante made everyone breakfast. While I was out getting my friend, Tola, from the airport, Diante was secretly “running’ errands too – getting everything ready for the proposal. Before we left for dinner, I jokingly told Diante that I noticed he didn’t get me balloons, a gift or cake for my special day and he laughed because in his mind he had an incredible birthday planned for me.

I made dinner reservations at a new restaurant, Stella Milwaukee, inside the Westin Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. When we arrived at Stella, everyone began celebrating and having drinks. I was on an emotional high – I was filled with so much joy seeing my best friends celebrating my birthday with me for the first time in years and the love of my life was right beside me making the night an already amazing birthday. Minutes later to my surprise, my other college bestie, Suzie Hewitt, walked in the restaurant and I instantly started to cry because I was sure Suzie was not able to make it and yet OMG she is here!

As we all settle down, we begin to have dinner and the waitress says dessert will be coming in a few minutes. All of my friends tell me to close my eyes because dessert is a going to be delish. I close my eyes and I was instantly confused because I didn’t hear anyone singing, Happy Birthday, and then in the midst of my confusion, I hear Diante say, “Open now,” and in front of me was a beautiful message of, “Will You Marry Me?” in shaved white chocolate along with my gorgeous engagement ring, 2 champagne flutes with strawberries and lastly, my tall and handsome Diante on one knee. Of course I said YES to being his wife and starting our journey as husband and wife together!